about this blog

“What would be involved in a genuinely missionary encounter between the gospel and this modern western culture?” –Lesslie Newbigin (Foolishness to the Greeks, p 3)

When I began this blog I worked at the large office where I had been told by more than one of my colleagues that I was the only evangelical they knew. I’ve since moved to small town ministry–a town with only one small, aging evangelical church. In both environments I find myself engaging cultures with little or no evangelical presence or gospel awareness.

My hope and intention is to use this blog to share readings and other resources I have found helpful on gospel, culture, and ministry in these settings.

As Lesslie Newbigin points out, “The primary action of the Church in the world is the action of its members in their daily work [in their several vocations]” (The Study of Evangelism, p 51).

my theological influences.

I know one of the first answers I look for when I find a new website is what theological perspective the author comes from.  My theology has been especially influenced by the Wesleyan, Reformed, and Anabaptist Christian traditions; the local church I am a part of is non-denominational, but would be closest to CMA (or baptist).  The theologians who have most influenced my contributions to this site are Lesslie Newbigin, NT Wright (especially on eschatology), and Greg Boyd.