“We chose to go our own way in the garden, and with Cain and Abel, and in generation after generation. And when we made that choice God pursued us.”

— Bruxy Cavey

In the video clip below, Pastor Bruxy Cavey explains the gospel; first in the typical way we hear it in most evangelical churches today, and secondly in the more Biblical way (of God pursuing us, and continuing to pursue us, even as we turn our back on him time and again).

The below clip should begin at around the 4-minute mark, where he begins the second–more Biblical–presentation:

After you’ve heard the second presentation, I encourage you to go back to the beginning of the video and watch the first presentation.

If you haven’t been following The Meeting House, this video comes from a sermon series on how to communicate the gospel with clarity and conviction.  This clip is from the fourth sermon, “Separation Solution: The gospel includes the good news of salvation from sin

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