Here are two quotes I came across this past week:

James Arminius

In his “Disputation III on Blessedness, The End of Theology“, in Works of James Arminius, Volume 2, Arminius writes (HT: William Birch) (bold mine):

The end of theology is the blessedness of man […] It consists in fruition, the object of which is a perfect, chief, and sufficient good, which is God. […] VI. The cause of blessedness is God himself, uniting himself with man; that is, giving himself to be seen, loved, possessed, and thus to be enjoyed by man. VII. The antecedent or only moving cause is the goodness and the remunerative justice of God, which have the wisdom of God as their precursor. […] X. Its adjunct properties are, that it is eternal, and is known to be so by him who possesses it; and that it at once both satisfies every desire, and is an object of continued desire.


John Wesley

In his sermon, “The Circumcision of the Heart“, John Wesley said (HT: @BrandPluckedOut) (bold mine):

[T]he true meaning of those several declarations, “The Lord thy God is one Lord;” “Thou shalt have no other Gods but me;” “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy strength” “Thou shalt cleave unto him;” “The desire of thy soul shall be to His name;” — is no other than this: The one perfect Good shall be your one ultimate end. One thing shall ye desire for its own sake, — the fruition of Him that is All in All. One happiness shall ye propose to your souls, even an union with Him that made them; the having “fellowship with the Father and the Son;” the being joined to the Lord in one Spirit. One design you are to pursue to the end of time, — the enjoyment of God in time and in eternity. Desire other things, so far as they tend to this.


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