Here is a good sermon on evangelism by Dr Greg Boyd. Enjoy!

When Dr Boyd discusses his motivation for evangelism, it reminds me of a quote from DL Moody I once heard: “A great many people say I don’t preach on the terrors of religion. I don’t want to — don’t want to scare men into the kingdom of God.” Commenting on this, Frank Viola has written, “Because the love of God broke his own heart, Moody opted to preach God’s love…”.

more resources

There are more resources on this sermon, including audio or video download, notes, and highlights at The Meeting House website here.

Dr Boyd also mentions Pastor Bruxy Cavey’s new book, (re)union: the good news of Jesus for seekers, saints, and sinnerswhich is available on Amazon, Amazon Canadaor Book Depository. Dr Boyd’s new book, Crucifixion of the Warrior God, can be found here: Amazon, Amazon Canadaor Book Depository.

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